OIL Separator Galaxy Cyclone titel1

OIL Separator titel1



1. OIL Separator Galaxy Cyclone

The Galaxy will be design and manufactures large oily water treatment systems using liquid / liquid -hydro cyclones to treat any flow rate. The Galaxy Systems have many innovative features. Industries that use the Galaxy System include Oil & Gas, Refinery/Petrochemicals, Dairy and Food Manufacture.

The use of Cyclones Calaxy for deoiling produced water has grown steadily over the past ten years. The need to maintain and hither reduce the discharge concentration of dispersed oil in produced water below 20-30ppm has motivated further research which aims to identify improved designs and optimal operating conditions for deoiling hydro cyclones.


BIODOS provide a conventional and special designed of oil Separator like BIO-EnviroSEP.

Outstanding Performance
The BIO-EnviroSEP unit is de-signed to remove all free oil from contaminated streams to comply with the most stringent of discharge requirements. Typically no more than 5mg/L of oil will remain with no visible sheen.

Two-Stage Plate Pack
BIO-EnviroSEP Technologies' unique two-stage plate pack ensures high performance at all times.

The first stage is designed to remove gross slugs of oil followed by the secondary polishing stage that removes any remaining droplets. This ensures that the treated water is free of all traces of free visible oil. Stainless Steel Plate PackThe plate packs are fabricated in flat stainless steel sheet config-ured to maximise coalescing of oil droplets. The plate pack will never warp, or corrode, ensuring performance for the life of the unit.

In-Built Oil Tank
All BIO-EnviroSEP™Technologies' units are designed with an internal oil tank prevent-ing the need for unsightly drums or other containers to collect the removed oil. The integrated oil tank control system also acts as a shut off mechanism to prevent failure in the event of neat oil entering the unit.

Solids Removal Facilities
All models are fitted with several drainage points to facilitate clean-ing and solids removal. Unlike many other units, the cleaning process does not require our BIO-EnviroSEP units to be fully drained nor does the plate pack ever need to be removed.

Pre-screening Facility
The inlet strainer basket, supplied as standard in all BIO-EnviroSEP units, is designed to prevent any possibility of plate pack blockages. The strainer can easily be removed for cleaning.

Quality Construction
All of the BIO-EnviroSEP units are manufactured in stainless steel. High grades of stainless steel are available to suit more corrosive applications.