BIODOS is a German enterprise for engineering, designing, building and providing environmentally friendly technology for Domestic, Industrial wastewater treatment, Brackish/Seawater processing and water botteling filling line.

BIODOS is not a one product company, instead we see ourselves as a solution provider, who is able to take on all kinds of water purification challenges according to our customers request.

The know-how concentration of BIODOS water treatment system, offers customers from municipalities and industry on all continents investment security and reliability regarding development and implementation of effective and economic solutions for water,waste water, sludge and Sea Water Desalination Plant.

Holding the future through advancement

  • Innovative products
  • Suitable soluation
  • Economic machines
  • High availability
  • Flexibility and proximity to customers are the benchmarks used as foundation for our advancement and the success of our customers.

BIODOS, with its five different business units, develops and providing machines and plants for

  • Reverse Osmosis system for Sea and Brackish water desalination compact container plant (different size)
  • River water purification compact container plant (50m/h, 100m/h, 200m/h)
  • Sewage water purification for Communal and WWTP compact container plant (different size)
  • Industrial waste water treatment plant
  • Water bottling filling lines

The experience of BIODOS world wide and the dialogue with our customers result in a continuous improvement of our solution and services. Our customers and products are always in the centre of our attention. For comprehensive information on BIODOS water treatment system solutions please
contact us.

Emad Ikhrieshi
Managing Director